Monday, September 5, 2016

week 12 Hey

Hey everyone! We had another great week this week. We have been looking through the area book trying to find people that were taught past the restoration in the past that were not baptized. We found one guy that we called and he told us to come over. We went over there but had about an hour to spare so we started to knock his apartment complex and it turns out it was all full of Spanish speakers. 
It was on Saturday so all the people were out listening to music and making food so we started talking to a bunch of people. We ran into a family that turns out the wife was baptized in mexico a long time ago and hasn't gone since moving to the US. We set up an appointment to come back so hopefully that works out.
Then our lesson with the guy from the area book, it turns out his mom was baptized when he was a kid and he used to play soccer with the elders when he was a kid. He has 6 kids and we have an appointment with them tonight so we hope it goes well. Our mission president committed us to finding 7 new investigators this week so I know heavenly father answered our prayers. 8 week is this week which is a meeting with the mission president and all the missionaries that came out with me. They help us correct our outlines of the lessons we teach and to see our progress. 
I get my Ipad so it'll be easier to email now. Everything is going good and I hope all is well with you all. Thanks for all the support! have a great week. 

Elder Cammack

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