Monday, August 28, 2017

week 63

Hello everyone! 

So really quickly, this weekend we received Hurricane Harvey! The last couple days we've been in the apartment just hanging out. I got super bored and found a gingerbread house making kit so I'll send a pic of that lol. We have had a little bit of flooding but nothing too bad in our area. We are mostly concerned for the people farther down south so be praying for them! We were informed during the week last week that we would receive a hurricane so we did some preparation. In all the stores there is no bread or water and everything is pretty bare. All the gas stations were out of gas as well. It's been pretty crazy haha but we are all safe and everything's good. We have been doing check ups 2-3 times during the day on every companionship in the zone and getting on conference calls with president 2-3 times a day to make sure everybody is good. Some companionships have been evacuated from their apartment but everybody is safe and President is keeping track of everyone. Stake conference was supposed to be this weekend but it was cancelled and so were all church meetings in the area. We are excited for the opportunity to help lots of people out from the floods and everything that has been going on. 

Okay, so, at the beginning of the week before the hurricane hit we were able to see some sweet miracles! We found a couple new investigators from English class and they are so cool! They have been coming to English class for a little while and we were finally able to sit down and talk and teach them. We call ourselves "La Banda" or the squad in English haha. We are excited to keep working with them and get them to church when the weather conditions allow us to. 

We were also able to get in with a potential that we find a little while ago. They are the Gonzalez family. The dad works with a return missionary and has heard a little bit about it. We talked to them about the Book of Mormon and even read a little bit while we were gone! They enjoyed it and we are excited to continue working with them. 

Thank you everyone for all your prays to the people here in Houston and in all of south Texas. Some people have really been devastated from this hurricane so please keep them in your prayers! I hope y'all are doing good and had a good week. I will talk to y'all soon! 

Monday, August 7, 2017

week 60 Aug 7

What's up everyone!? This week was another crazy/eventful week! 

First off I got a new companion on Tuesday! His name is Elder Blackford. He's from Vacaville, California (Bay Area) and he's super cool! He's Filipino but he looks Mexican so all the members ask him what part of Mexico he's from and he just goes with it. They all think he doesn't speak English haha. He's been out for about 17 months and so we have been able to get lots of stuff done. 

We were in a trio until Thursday with Elder Hunt (my old comp) because he is training and his trainee didn't arrive until Thursday. It was super fun!Wednesday we did some service, knocked some doors and taught English class. We went to a new investigator that Elder Wells and I found last week named Isidro. When we came back he had read the first 3 chapters in the Book of Mormon and had a big summary written about each chapter. He loved it! He had some questions so we helped him understand that. We extended the date for him to be baptized on the 2nd September and he gladly accepted!! A couple days later on Saturday, we were teaching a potential that lives right next door to Isidro. During our lesson Isidro comes walking up and gives us a sheet of paper with summaries on the first 15 chapters of the Book of Mormon and explains to our potential investigator that we had just barely met about the first 15 chapters haha. He is so awesome. One thing I forgot to mention is that Isidro has liver cancer. He goes to chemotherapy a couple days out of the week and he's really weak. His family is struggling financially and the gospel is giving him a greater hope for him and his future. Keep him in your prayers!! 

On Friday we had a joven from the ward come out with us for the whole day. He knocked doors with us and everything! The very first door we knocked we got cussed out and he was a little shaken from it but he recovered haha. All in all it was a cool experience and he was able to see what missionary work is really like! He's excited to serve his own mission someday. 

Anyways, this next week we have MLC on Tuesday and then Elder Blackford will be going to new leadership training as well on Wednesday. It's going to be another eventful week! I love all y'all and I will talk to y'all next week!!

-Elder Cammack-