Thursday, September 29, 2016

week 15

What's up fam! I don't have a ton of time today but everything is going good. We had Elder Larry Echohawk from the seventy come to our zone conference this week. He spoke with such a strong spirit and motivated me a lot to become a better missionary. He is a convert and has a great conversion story with his wife. We had one of our investigators quit her job so she can come to church on sundays so she is on track to be baptized on October 22. Her husband was baptized a long time ago in Mexico so he is going to baptize her. He came to. Hurry this Sunday with his two kids. The mom is coming next week. We are super excited for that. I tried to find the most Mexican looking hat possible at a gas station the other day. I had good success with that as you will see in my picture. Everything is going good and I'm so thankful for all your support! Have a great week!! 

Monday, September 19, 2016

week 14 BOM

This week was super awesome. On Tuesday, President Mortensen came to our apartment to have companionship study with us. It was amazing and I learned soooo much. He is the most spiritual man I've ever met. He knows so much about the gospel and how to be a great missionary. He is such a great example to me and I feel like he is the biggest reason on why I came to the Texas Houston mission. I received my iPad this week too which is super helpful. It makes life a lot easier haha. Anyways so this week my testimony grew sooo much of the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is the foundation of this church. I have seen the Book of Mormon change me and my investigators so much already.

One of our investigators has bad anxiety attacks and We promised him that if he would read everyday, his anxiety would stop. We came back a couple days later and he hadn't had an anxiety attack since he started reading. He stood up and held the Book of Mormon in the air and said "I've tried everything to help my anxiety, but nothing has worked until I started to read this book." We are working on getting him and his family baptized but the parents aren't married yet so we are working on that. They are super awesome though. It seems so simple but if we just read the Book of Mormon, our lives will change. If we read, the spirit will bring all things to our remembrance and become the people god would have us be.

THE CHURCH IS SO TRUE. I'm so thankful for all your support and your love and I hope you all have a great week!! Elder Cammack

Monday, September 12, 2016

week 13 #dunkfest2k16

This week was superrrrr busy. We went on two exchanges. the first one was with Elder Williams. He is from Utah. He is soooooo funny. The first appointment we went to, the gate was locked so we couldn't get to the door and they didn't answer the phone so Elder Williams just started clapping really loud and screaming "HOLA!!!" as loud as he could hahah. It was so funny. He is a great missionary as well and I learned a lot. The next exchange was with Elder Pesci. He goes home this transfer so I tried to learn as much from him as I could. He is the most obedient and hard working missionary I know! He helped me learn a lot. While I was with him, we had plans to set a baptismal date with one of Elder Jones and I's investigator. I cant really speak that much spanish and so elder pesci helped me through the lesson. At the end he was talking about baptism but I couldn't understand everything he was saying but then all of a sudden he turns to me and whispers "set the date" I almost peed my pants lol. So I just turned to the investigators and set my first baptismal date of my mission haha! They accepted and it was awesome. They are on track for the 22 of October! I have been learning so much and everything is so awesome. You are probably wondering why the subject of my email is what it is haha... This is what our whole zone has been saying lately because every district in our zone has a baptismal date set and its motivation to get more! Anyways thanks so much for all your support! I will talk to y'all next week!

Elder Cammack

Monday, September 5, 2016

week 12 Hey

Hey everyone! We had another great week this week. We have been looking through the area book trying to find people that were taught past the restoration in the past that were not baptized. We found one guy that we called and he told us to come over. We went over there but had about an hour to spare so we started to knock his apartment complex and it turns out it was all full of Spanish speakers. 
It was on Saturday so all the people were out listening to music and making food so we started talking to a bunch of people. We ran into a family that turns out the wife was baptized in mexico a long time ago and hasn't gone since moving to the US. We set up an appointment to come back so hopefully that works out.
Then our lesson with the guy from the area book, it turns out his mom was baptized when he was a kid and he used to play soccer with the elders when he was a kid. He has 6 kids and we have an appointment with them tonight so we hope it goes well. Our mission president committed us to finding 7 new investigators this week so I know heavenly father answered our prayers. 8 week is this week which is a meeting with the mission president and all the missionaries that came out with me. They help us correct our outlines of the lessons we teach and to see our progress. 
I get my Ipad so it'll be easier to email now. Everything is going good and I hope all is well with you all. Thanks for all the support! have a great week. 

Elder Cammack