Monday, February 27, 2017

week 37

Hey everyone! Another crazy week down... on Tuesday we had exchanges and I went with Elder Williams. He's the man and I learned a lot. He helped me with some questions I had with being district leader and it went well. 

Thursday we went to the temple and that was superrr good like always! l love going to the temple and feeling the spirit super strong. 

We were able to baptize Ximena yesterday and that went super good too! It's always good to see those you teach enter the waters of baptism! 
Not a ton happened this week so I will just send y'all some pictures. Hope all is well and I will talk to you next week :) 

Elder Cammack 🌶

Monday, February 20, 2017

week 36: I love Ecuador

Hey everyone! Lots of changes this week! I have been transferred to Katy, TX. Which is where I would go everyday on p days in Sealy haha so I haven't moved far at all. Part of our area was actually part of my English area in Sealy! I feel like I never even left haha it's pretty cool. Our apartments are brand new and superrrr nice I'll send a pic of them! My new companion is Elder Berry from La Grande, Oregon. He just got out of training and he is the man! I love him so much and we've had a ton of fun this week as well as working hard. He loves cars and trucks just like me so that's seriously been our only conversation for the past week haha. 

Last week for my birthday the Garza family got a surprise for me and I'll some pictures of it haha. They are the best! 

The ward here is called the Westgreen Ward. All the members here are soooo cool. We have a dinner appointment like every night so that means I gotta workout a little bit harder in the mornings to maintain my figure haha. This is seriously the best ward ever! Most of the members are from South America like Venezuela and Colombia. It's a super different accent than what I'm used to but I love it! There were 218 people there yesterday! It was so much compared to about 30 in Sealy hah. I also had to give a talk for my first Sunday here. I butchered some Spanish but overall I thought it went pretty good. 

We had our investigator Ximena come to church this week with her family. She will be baptized this coming Sunday. Her parents are already members and are just starting to come back to church again. Our other investigator Maricela from Venezuela came to church with her family as well. She is on track for her bap date as well! This week we also taught a less active from Ecuador. His Spanish was the SICKEST Spanish I have ever heard in my life. Most of the South Americans speak like a song with different pitches and stuff it is the best thing ever haha. Our new district is doing super good along with our zone. As a zone we have over 20 baptismal dates! It's super cool to see as we do all we can that the lord will put those who are prepared in our paths. 

One of the many reasons why I love serving a mission so much is because I get to see the change in others as they choose to follow Jesus Christ but at the same time seeing the change in myself. I know that I was called to this mission to meet certain people but at the same time I was called here because this is where I would grow the most. This is the place that I could learn to be a better father and husband in the future. I can see that as I study the scriptures and work as hard as I can to bring others unto Christ. My testimony of the Book of Mormon has grown so much these past 8 months. I know it is true and I know all who read it with real intent, will gain a testimony of the divinity of the book. It truly will change your life if you give it a chance. My mission president has said to us that he would rather us leave our apartments forgetting to put pants on, than to leave our apartments without reading the Book of Mormon that morning haha. But it is so true. I LOVE SERVING A MISSION! 

My new address is 24949 Katy Ranch rd Katy, TX apt #517 77494. Any type of gift is accepted ;). 

Thank you all for all that you do for me and continue to do for me. Have a good week and I will talk to y'all next week! 

Elder Cammack 🌶

Monday, February 13, 2017

week 35 Happy Birthday Connor

Mannn this week was so crazy! On Tuesday I was invited to English
leadership council along with Elder Jones! Since he is dominating in
his zone right now, president asked if he would come too. It was all
super good. We talked mostly about unity in a zone and applying the
new schedule better for the mission. It is always good to receive
guidance and council with President Mortensen.

A new senior couple has been moved here to Sealy and guess where they
are from... IDAHO! So now there are four Idaho missionaries out here
in Sealy haha. They are Elder and Sister Wilding. They are from
Blackfoot and apparently Pops knows them! The first time we met, he
saw my name tag and the first thing he said was "Cammack? Your grandpa
is from Blackfoot huh?" Haha it was cool. We helped move them into
their new apartment which is right next to ours. Then afterwards they
took us to dinner and we showed them around Sealy a little bit to know
the area better. They are super cool!

Saturday we did some service at our branch mission leaders house. We
put in a new door and it took forever haha but it was super rewarding
to get it done. The English elders had a baptism later that day so we
rushed to that and then right after the baptism we were trying to go
to some less actives before English class, but the whole time we were
in a super big hurry and never thought to look at the gas level... so
yeah we ran out of gas on the side of the highway and we had to wait
for the O'Hara family to come give us some gas haha.

Sunday we had a birthday dinner at the O'Hara family's house and it
was soooo good. My one request was homemade Idaho mashed potatoes (all
the potatoes here are so gross) hah so she found some and it was so
good. Best birthday ever!

Last night were transfer calls and I found out that I will be leaving
Sealy :(. I'm really going to miss this place but I know the lord has
more in store for me somewhere else. I'm excited for the change and
for an opportunity to grow somewhere else. The Garza family want to
have me over for dinner for my birthday and before I leave so we will
be going there tonight. They don't have a ton of money so Hermana
Garza made cheesecake and had her kids sell it on the street so that
they could pay for dinner for my birthday. They are the most humble
and giving people I know. I know I was supposed to be here for them,
to see them grow and to see their example.  I love them so much and
I'm excited to see them later on in the future. :) Sealy really has
felt like my home. I love the members and I love being in the country.
It reminds me a lot of Idaho just without the mountains. I love the
members and I love all the memories and experiences I have had here.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I'll let y'all know where I'm at
next week because I don't find out til tomorrow. I hope y'all have a
good week and I'll talk to y'all soon :)

Ps. I never thought I would say y'all... Texas will do it to ya

Monday, February 6, 2017

week 34 Feb6

Connor's birthday is Monday, February 13.  Please send him an email, a card or a care package! 

1601 Hwy 90 West 
Sealy, TX 7774


This week was super eventful! There is a family in the English branch that has a pond and a mini racing track in there back yard so on pday we went there and fished and watched their son race his dirtbike on the track! It was super fun and one of the many reasons why I love serving out here in the country :) on Tuesday I got sick again! I woke up and my right ear was plugged so I went to the doctor and found out I have an ear infection so I got some antibiotics and it's getting better. We had zone meeting on Friday and it really helped me to realize the reasons for the new missionary schedule. We are now using this schedule and I love it! I really like having my own agency to do missionary work. My desire to work and bring others to Christ has increased tremendously. We also had interviews with President Mortensen. It is always great to talk to him and receive help from such an amazing example in my life. 

On Saturday four of the garza kids were baptized! It was so awesome to see them take this step in their life after all that they have gone through. I was able to baptize Rosa. She was so nervous and when we got in the water I raised my hand I started the baptism in Spanish on accident so I had to start over haha. We are now working with some of the kids friends which is super awesome. It is so amazing to see the change in them and their family. All of their friends want to learn about the church because they all see the change in them and so they are all asking how the heck their family has changed so much haha. The spirit that we feel inside their home is so strong compared to when we first meet them. I know the atonement of Jesus Christ is there for anyone. You just have to choose to take a step of faith and the atonement will start working in your life. 

I have 8 months tomorrow in the mission! I can't believe how fast time is flying by. I'm so thankful for all that I have learned and will continue to learn out here on my mission. :) Anyways, that'll do it for this email. Until next week! 

Elder Cammack