Wednesday, June 29, 2016

week 4 Just another week in paradise

So this last week I got pretty sick. There is a bunch of stuff going around and people are getting strep throat and bad fevers and a whole bunch of stuff. I pretty much got it all and was sick for a couple days. Im now recovering and feeling better. I cant believe monday is the fourth of july! i lose track of time out here. I kinda got the worst part of it because i missed cinco de mayo in mexico and then missed the fourth of july in the US. haha. Happy birthday to Abby last week. I hope it was a good obne and I believe your 16! Everything is good though and Im learning so much. A hermana in my district left my district because she is so ahead in spanish. She went to a latino district haha. I cant even understand half the things my teachers say still. but I will get there. We had a devotional yesterday from the international mtc director. His job is to travel around the world to mtcs and check up on them. Pretty sweet job if you ask me. His talk was inspiring for me though. He talked about how if we forget ourselves and serve others and the lord with all we can, we will be changed into what god needs us to be. He showed pictures and stories of missionaries from before and after their missions. The change in their faces is crazy. They have such a light in their eyes. It inspired me to forget every worry and doubt i have and focus on others. I know i will be blessed and I can change lives. A quote that i heard the other day was "Give me thy heart and I will give you my power and together we will change the world." I loved it so much that i wrote it on the front of my journal. Anyways, everythings good. Trust in the lord and everything works out. Love you all

Elder Cammack

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

week 3 sup fam

So Im almost halfway done with the MTC. THats pretty crazy. The first week was tough but Im getting into the groove of things and I love it. I forgot to tell you guys last week that my companion is the district leadrer so i guess that makes me half a district leader since I pretty much do all the same things he does haha. Elder Bench is such a stud though. I couldnt have made it without him. He teaches me so much. Before the mission he had a huge beard like Rods and curly long hair haha. All he talks about is how he wants to be in the mountains. Hes just a super lovable mountain man. The temple last week was a way cool experience. The visitors center here is amazing. Driving through town to get to the temple is crazy. Ive never seen so many people and cars in my life. When you stop at stoplights, bands will come in the intersection and start playing music haha then the light turns green and they run to the side walk. YOu literally drive right next to people and people are just running in front of you and its crazy. Everything is so run down and then you get to the temple and its just surrounded by beat up little houses and shacks. Its amazing how beautiful the temple looks around all that stuff. Spanish is really hard for me but Im getting better each day. Just trust in the lord and he will get you through anything. We had an amazing devotional from the president of the mexico area or something like that. He went to snake river and i asked him if he knew pops but i guess he didnt remember or didnt know him. I have a made a ton of friends here too. There wasnt a ton of people when I got here so everyone knew everyone and everyone were best friends. Every lunch and dinner everyone just is so excited to see each other. We got over 100 new missionaries yesterday so I dont really recognize most people now haha. By the time i leave the MTC is supposed to double in missionaries. I try to speak to the latinos here but it doesnt work out most the time haha. They speak too fast and I end up speaking english to them. Anyways, I love my mission and I love the gospel. I have felt the spirit so strong. I know this church is true and it is the only way for lasting happiness. Trust in the lord and everything works out. 

Elder Cammack

Ps. Thanks mom for the package and donuts. All packages are welcome from anyone (: ask my mom how cause idk how she does it haha

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Week 2

Hola everyone. Everything is going so good here and I love it so much. My companion is Elder Bench. HE lived in Alpine, UTah til his freshman year in high school and then moved to Texas. He has been telling me about where I will be serving. He is so cool and I love him so much. We are learning so much and working really hard. I am the worst at spanish in my district haha but I know so much more than i did a week ago. I can pray and share my testimony in spanish. The second day we were here we had to teach investigator in spanish. Neither of us knew any spanish so about 15 min of the 20 min lesson was us trying to find words to say haha. We are doing so good though and I love the MTC here. Its all surrounded by mountains and about halfway up every mountain are just rows of like tiny favela houses. So many people live here. YOu hear cars honking and people shouting allllll the time. We are prison fenced in and securtiy guards guard the entrance haha. We are safe inside the walls though. The second day i accidentally walked into the girls bathroom haha. Elder Bench hasnt let that one go yet. We have so much fun. Every night at about 8 (elder bench and I have Calculated it) Dogs start barking uncontrollably haha. Like i have never heard anything like it before. It sounds like about 50 dogs barking back and forth. Muy Loco. We are going to the temple a little later today so I will send you those pics next week. I love my mission already and there is no other place I would rather be. I am growing so much. Hope everyone is doing good and I will talk to you all next Wednesday. Trust in the lord and everything works out. 


Elder Cammack