Monday, July 24, 2017

week 58 Howdy

Hey everyone! This week we were super busy and it made the week go by really fast.

President and Sister Peterson came to our district meeting this week. It was a super spiritual meeting and good to hear their advice for us. They even came to language study!! 

We had a less active that came to church for the first time in a long time on Sunday. He was baptized in Georgia and moved here and his records weren't moved over. We knocked on his door just tracting one day and he immediately let us in. We were super surprised cause he acted like he knew us. Long story short, he felt that it was a sign from god that we randomly knocked on his door. He came back to church and it was awesome! 

We also had the baptism of our investigator Milagro. It went super good. She bore her testimony after and the spirit was super strong. The hermanas in our ward had a baptism too so we combined the programs and had the baptism together. It went super good! 

Sorry this email is short and brief. We had a water balloon fight thing today in our district for pday haha

Monday, July 17, 2017

week 57 Ain't a badt week

Hey everybody! Short email this week due to the lack of time. 

This week was super good. We were able to change milagros date to the 22nd of July so she will be baptized this weekend. I went on two exchanges this week. One was with my old companion Elder Hunt. It was super fun and good to catch up with him! We had MLC last week for the first time with our new mission president, President Peterson. He is such a cool guy and is just so loving. We talked some changes that we might implement in the mission and some things that we are doing good with as of now. We have interviews this week with him so that'll be good. We met some awesome people this week so we are excited to continue working with them this upcoming week. One of our investigators is an older lady from Cuba. She is super cool. She calls us to update us on her book  of Mormon reading. We are planning on setting a date with her. I will send some pictures form this past week. Love y'all! 
Country life! Merica

- Elder Cammack -

Monday, July 10, 2017

week 56 la semana llena de milagros

This week went by soooo fast! I feel like I was just emailing last week on pday... in bed... (perks of having an iPad on the mission.) 

Tuesday was the Fourth of July and it was super awesome! Last year I was in Mexico for the 4th of July so it was super nice to be back in the good ole USA ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ!! In the afternoon, Davis Killpack who is here selling pest control, came and picked us up for lunch! We took him to a potential that we had but it didn't work out so then we just went to Chick-fil-A. It was super fun and good to catch up with him. Later on in the day we went to a less actives house and they cooked us some BBQ. They live out in the middle of nowhere so it took about an hour to drive there and then an hour back so that took up most of our night! When we got back to our apartment, there was a bunch of fireworks going off outside! I'll send a video of it. 

Wednesday we had a SUPER awesome miracle. We were eating at a members house and the English elders in our area gave us a call and told us that they found records in their ward that they didn't recognize and they had Hispanic names so they told us to go find out who they were. We were eating close to their house so we just drove over. As we were walking up to their house we could hear from inside the house a kid yell, " ¡¡Vienen los misioneros!!" Haha so we got excited and knew it was gonna be good! The mom answered and immediately yelled for her kids to come to the door. Two of her kids came up and the mom says "these are my kids and they aren't baptized yet, can you teach them the lessons so that they can be baptized?" We were like "uhhhh yeah we can do that." Haha so we set up some chairs in the garage and taught the restoration/ set the two easiest bap dates ever! It is a family from Ecuador that just moved to the US. They were inactive for a couple years but when they moved here, they wanted to come back to church but didn't know where it was! They came to English class on Thursday and then to church on Sunday

Thursday we had zone conference to meet our new mission president and his family! They are all super awesome and have a strong spirit. I'm excited to work with them for this next year of my mission! 

Sunday the hermanas had a baptism and so we helped them set up for that. It went well except for the huge rain storm that came that evening. We were trying to visit somebody right before the baptism to get them there and we were running out of the house to the car in the rain and there was a giant puddle right by the car, so I tried to jump it and I made it but I landed in some wet grass and I slipped and fell into the giant mud puddle in my suit.... My companion and I had to teach part of the restoration at the baptism and so I taught it in a drenched, muddy suit haha. 

Let me just say real fast that I'm in the best zone ever!! This week as a zone we absolutely killed it! We got 20 people at church and 30 new investigators!! We have seen so many miracles these last couple weeks. It's so rewarding to see our hard work and diligence pay off. Letttsss gooooo Houston West North Zone!! 

Hope everyone had a good 4th of July this past week!! Y'all didn't get any southern BBQ so it couldn't have been as good as mine but I still hope y'all had fun haha ;). This week we have MLC for the first time with President Peterson on Tuesday then we have a couple exchanges lined up for the week. I'm excited for this week! I'll let you know how it goes next Monday. Talk to y'all soon! 

- Elder Cammack -

Monday, July 3, 2017

week 55 Argentina Takeover ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡ท

Hello everyone!

This week honestly felt super long haha but we worked hard otherwise!! The more rejection we receive, the bigger the miracle we are going to see!! 

So on Tuesday we had Mission Leadership Council! It was super good and President Mortensens last one. It was sad to see him leave but he did amazing work here and impacted my life in many different ways. We extended a baptismal date later that day to our investigator Milagro. She's the grandmother of a less active family! It went super good and she accepted to be baptized on July 22nd! But we found out later that week that her and her family are going to be put of town for two weeks until the 29th of July. So we are most likely going to push back her date to the first week of August! It seems super far away but as long as she keeps reading the Book of Mormon and we can keep in contact with her then it will work out! We also went to a less actives house. They are from Argentina so we got to know them and drank some mate. They are super cool! We are excited to get them to church! 

Wednesday we had new leadership training and it was the last meeting that President Mortensen ever had to do as a mission president. It was super good and I learned a ton about how to be a great leader not only in this mission but in life. Later that day we had splits with some English missionaries for a pass off lesson. I went with Elder Tweedie who is from... Idaho Falls! He went to hillcrest and is such a stud. We just talked about how sick Idaho is the whole time haha. We have a bunch of mutual friends so it was super fun. There are so many missionaries from Idaho in my mission. We all joke that Houston is just an Idaho reunion for all the missionaries haha. We taught a lesson to a guy that was recently divorced. He is 38 and has 3 kids. It's a super rough divorce and we brought another guy from the ward that is in a similar situation but has stayed active in the church. They hit it off and are hanging out now so hopefully they will start to help each other out! 

Thursday we drove up to Conroe for a baptismal interview and also got a referral form an English member. They are an inactive member family that lives in Utah but came here for the summer to sell directv. They originally are from Argentina though! So we met them, drank some mate and set up a return appointment to eat some รฑoquis with them!! I love Argentina so much haha. This ward has like 4 families form Argentina and they are all so sick!! I get an automatic in with them cause I can just say my step mom is from there and that boca is my favorite soccer team so shoutout to Lina for being born in Argentina! ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡ท 

Friday we had district meeting and did some weekly planning but that was about it other then some tracting. Also our new mission president and his wife arrived! Welcome to the best mission ever President and Sister Peterson!! We have a zone conference on Thursday and that is when I will be able to meet them for the first time!! 

Saturday we did some family history and I've got to say I've become quite the pro at finding new names for the temple!! Other than that we just went tracting and tried to follow up on some potentials 

Sunday after church we ate with another family from Argentina and drank some more mate. Then just tracted the rest of the day. It was a super good Sunday!! 

I'm so thankful for the hard times on my mission. I know that through these times is when I can prove to the lord that I will not give up and that he can trust me as one of his faithful servants. I know that through these times is when I grow the most and learn the most!! Thanks for the emails and support this week. I will talk to y'all l8ter! 


Monday, June 26, 2017

week 54

Hey everybody!! 

First off, I have been transferred to the Woodlands 3rd ward! The Woodlands is a super cool area. In order to build Houston they have cut down a ton of forest areas but they wanted to preserve the trees in the woodlands (hence the name woodlands) so they have left as many trees as possible here. It is like you are driving in a forest/jungle all the time. It's super pretty I love it. It is a pretty wealthy area and a lot of the Houston Rockets/movie stars houses are here. Beyonces house is like right down the road from the church haha. I was also called to be a zone leader here! It has been a humbling experience so far and I'm loving it so much. My new companion is Elder Wells! He is from Alpine, UT and is super cool. He is a super good, hard working missionary so we have been getting a lot done this week! 

So we started out this week with 0 investigators and it wasn't looking to good. We decided to go through some old investigators and some less actives to see what we could find there. We weren't seeing many fruits from it during the week. Then on Friday we had 3 or 4 that we were planning on stopping by. We knocked the first one and they didn't want to listen to us so we started knocking doors around their house. We knocked the first one and it was the same story. And then the same with the third. The fourth one we knocked on, a guy quickly opened the door as soon as we knocked. He had a huge smile on his face almost like he was expecting us haha. It kinda caught me by surprise. We started talking and it turns out he and his mom had just recently moved here from Brazil. They didn't speak very good English but it was so sick because we talked with them in Spanish and they would respond in Portuguese. Haha they understood our Spanish a lot better than we understood their Portuguese so they responded in their broken English sometimes. It was super cool. But anyways they said they had talked with mormons before and had been to the temple in San Diego. They took a giant road trip across the United States to find out where they should move to and start a business. After driving through the whole USA they decided they are going to move to Utah because they felt the same type of "energy" there that they felt when they went to the temple in San Diego. We taught them the restoration and it all just clicked for them. They weren't able to come to church but are planning on coming next week. We were so excited! 

Later on that week, we went by a less active family. They came to church last week so we went by to get them there this week. We found out that the grandma is not a member and wants to hear our message. She came to church and we are planning on setting a baptismal date with her this week. We also found a new family from
Venezuela and they are super interested in the Book of Mormon and we are excited to continue working with them!! 

This gospel is so true. The lord truly guides his servants. I've seen it over and over again on my mission and I continued to see it this past week. If anybody has thought of going on a mission but can't decide what to do or doesn't feel prepared to go, just go. The lord will help you out along the way and it'll change your life for eternity. I'm am forever grateful this time I have to serve my savior Jesus Christ.

This week we have Mission Leadership Council on Tuesday and Wednesday we have new leadership training. Friday our new mission president arrives so I'm excited to meet him!! 

Shoutout to Abby for hitting the big 17 yesterday! Happy birthday!!! 

Shoutout #2 to Dakota as he will be tying the knot this Friday!! I will be there in spirit. 

Have a good week everyone! 

Elder Cammack ๐ŸŒถ

Monday, June 19, 2017

week 53 Another transfer down!

This week was a super busy week! We had exchanges Tuesday and Elder
Christensen and I went down to Elder Jessop in H3! H3 is right by
downtown so it was super cool to see the city. I'll send some pics
from that exchange.

Wednesday we had zone conference and it was President and Sister
Mortensens last one. It was bittersweet. I'm excited for the change
but President Mortensen has been one of the biggest examples in my
life. I'm gonna miss him and his influence on me but I'm excited for
President and Sister Peterson to come next week!

Thursday we had some weekly planning and tracting and that was about it.

Friday we had district meeting and then we did some service at the
peanut butter factory by the mission office and prepared our
investigators for their baptism Saturday!

Saturday we had a baptism for Michelle and Nancy Noria! It was such a
great experience and especially because their father who was baptized
a year ago was able to baptize his daughters. The work is rolling
forward!! After the baptism we had a ward Father's Day/baptism party!
I'll send some videos of that.

Well the transfer is now over and I will once again be getting
transferred! I'm excited for the change and to find what the lord has
in store for me somewhere else. I will find out tomorrow where I'm
going so I will let you all know next week!

Sorry this email is short, just know I'm loving life and I love being
a missionary. Have a good week everyone!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Week 52: First week of year two

Hey everybody!! It's been an awesome eventful week here in Houston! I found out On Monday I would be moving areas again back to my baby area in H5 in a trio! I love this area so much. I honestly haven't spoken English this whole week besides to my companions haha. It's a little Mexico. My new companions are Elder Christensen and Elder Norton. They are both super cool and it's been a fun week with them. Elder Norton goes home next Monday so we only have one more week in our trio :(. 

We have 3 investigators on date here in our area. Two will be baptized this weekend and the other in July. The one in July is with a girl named Elizabeth. We set her date with her on Friday and it went super well. She is excited to be baptized but we just have to resolve a few concerns that she has. But we can do it!

Weird story from this week, so we went to mcdonalds for lunch and this old guy, who was a member, came up to us and just started talking about how he hates his ward and just a bunch of other random stuff. He was saying that since I'm from Idaho I don't know anything except how to be a country boy haha and all this other random stuff. I'm just making memories out here in the ghetto. 

It's definitely been a week of learning experiences. I've realized that Satan tries to work on us little by little. Most of the time, we commit little sins over and over and before we know it, we have dug ourselves into a deep hole. Satan is powerful and he will do all that he can to trick us into doing what's wrong. We must pay attention to the promptings of the spirit that we receive to stay away and resist these temptations. Another important concept is that we must act on these promptings that we receive. If we don't act, the spirit will stop giving us these promptings and we will be less sensitive to the spirit. God loves us and he wants to trust us. But we must put in our part so that we can be trusted. I'm so thankful for this time that I have as a missionary to learn and grow. There is nowhere else that I would rather be. I love my savior Jesus Christ and I'm thankful for him. Until next week everyone! 


Elder Cammack ๐ŸŒถ