Thursday, March 8, 2018

week 89

Hey everybody! Here's a quick update. A missionary in the Spanish program went home and I was in a trio so they put me with the missionary that didn't have a comp. His name is Elder Conley and he is the freaking man haha our whole mission we have been praying to be comps and we were literally talking like a week ago that all out chances of being comps was gone but then it happened! We have been having so much fun and working hard. My trainee is supoosed to come in 2 weeks so we will see what happens when he comes. 

I'm now living out in waller and covering my area at the same time so it's been crazy haha. We do two days in my area and then 2 in waller and switch like that. We went to church in waller and it was super sick. It's a little branch out in the sticks and they are all stoked about missionary work. Elder Conley and I both shared our testimonies on how excited we were to be there and to change the branch into a ward. Everybody loved it and the whole Sunday was a about missionary work. Good things are gonna happen! 

We had a ward party in JV for some kids in the ward that have their mission calls. They are the first missionaries to leave from the ward. They are brothers and they leave the same day to mexico city and brazil. I'll send some pics. Love y'all so much I'll take to ya next week!

Monday, February 26, 2018

week 88

Hey everybody! Here's a quick update. My companion went to Puerto Rico and so I've been in a trio for a week. We have had a crazy week and we have been super busy covering two areas. I got a call that I will be training to finish my mission but my trainee comes in halfway through the transfer so I will stay in a trio for a couple more weeks. We have a ton of recent converts in our ward and they are all doing super good with callings and stuff s we have been helping them out with preparing for the temple. It opens the end of April and everyone is super excited about it. Our investigator Delmi cae to church and should bebable to be baptized on the 10th of March. We are working with another family that will be getting their birth certificates so they can get married in a couple weeks and so we will be setting dates with them too. Lots of good things are happening and I'm soaking up every moment of my mission while I can. Time seems to be flying by way too fast. Love y'all!  

Monday, February 19, 2018

week 87

Another week in the books ...

On Tuesday we had to go to the doctor because my comp has had some ear problems and that took up half the day cause there was a ton of people there. Then we got a call later that day that elder winkelman will be going to Puerto Rico on Wednesday! It's been super fun together but he's got some service to do over there. I will now be in a trio in my same area until transfers in a week. It was also my birthday! Selfless birthdays are the best ones.

Wednesday we had exchanges and I was with Elder Miranda. Hes from peru and we had a ton of fun and it was a super good day. We saw a less active in our ward. Got a referral from a family at dinner and SET A DATE with Delmi for the 10th of March. The lesson went super well. We helped her understand the first chapter of the book of Mormon and applied it to her and her situation right now. The spirit was super strong and she's ready to be baptized!

Thursday I gave a baptismal interview to the other elders investigator and then we had a meeting up at the stake center with the stake president and mission president. There are some great things happening right now in the stake and in the Spanish zones. We have 22 dates as a stake which is two zones combined.

Friday was district meeting and we were supposed to have a sports night as a ward but nobody showed up haha so hopefully we can get some people there next week.

Saturday the other elders investigator was baptized and it was awesome. They asked me to lead the music and I had no idea how but I got through it lol. She was super prepared and its always good to see people you have grown to love enter into the waters of baptism. Delmi the investigator that we set a date with came to the baptism too!

Sunday was church and some finding!

Love y'all thanks for all the emails and stuff from my birthday! 

Monday, February 12, 2018

week 86

Hey everybody! It was a super eventful week. Our dates told us they talked to their family about being baptized and they told them a bunch of stuff about the church that isn’t true so they said they don’t want anything to do with the church anymore. It was super hard but it’s okay it happens. We had zone conference which was super good. We talked about getting phones and so thats gonna be happening next transfer. They showed us the training videos for it and I saw Garrett in them haha I was so hyped. We had a sweet ward party on Friday. I won the bean bag race thingy or whatever it’s called lol. I’ll send a video of it. A lot of non members came which was super awesome. Hopefully we can keep teaching them. We had exchanges and I went with a new elder from Alaska. He lives in a tiny town on the coast and he was showing me pictures. It looks super cool. We also had stake conference and a guy form the 70 came. Elder stoddard. He talked about missionary work and got all the member stoked on it so hopefully that grows a little bit. I got sick for a couple days during stake conference so I had to tough it out a couple days. Overall it was a crazy week. There’s a lady that came to stake conference that we taught a couple times that a cousin of a member we are hoping to set a date with her. We have a ton going in still and so life is good. Love y’all have a good week 

Monday, February 5, 2018

week 85

It was another super busy week. We taught a lesson to a grandma of a part member family. At the end of it we asked her to pray and she was really scared to but we convinced her to do it. She prayed and when she finished she was bawling. She said she had never prayed in her whole life and that she felt an overwhelming peace. She came to church on Sunday and so we should be able to baptize her. We have two people on date right now but we found out that the husband is married to someone else and has to get divorced to her. We got a member over there and he’s working with them and a lawyer so they can get baptized. 4 more people came to church and so there is a lot going on rn. I’ve never been this busy on my mission and it is so fun. I don’t have time to think about anything else because we are always grinding out lots of work. It’s fun. I’ve been reading in the war chapters of Alma. Reading about the faith, determination and preparation of captain Moroni really motivates me to be better. He is my Book of Mormon hero. I love reading about him and I try to be like him each day. I get to conduct a zone conference tomorrow which will be fun. I also went on an exchange in Westgreen to an old ward I served in so that was super fun. We have a ward party, an exchange and stake conference so it’s gonna be another busy and fun week. Love you guys!! 

- Elder Cammack -

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

week 84

This week was super busy. Monday we had a super good lesson with an old investigator named Rosy that we should be able to get in with again this week. She really wants more peace and guidance for her family and so I think we can find a way to help her with that... 🤔

Tuesday we hit the pavement and knocked doors and talked to people for most of the day. At the end we ended up finding a less active family that wants all their kids to be baptized. They want to me back and have their kids grow up in the gospel. They didn’t come to church but we should be able to get them there this week with the help of some members. 

Wednesday our investigator Jose had his baptismal interview. Despite some family issues and things in his life, he passed and he was so happy! 

Thursday we had interviews with President, knocked and had a lesson with the Rodriguez family. We finished the plan of salvation and they are super excited to work towards having an eternal family. 

Friday we finished some weekly planning and had district meeting. 

Saturday we had a lesson with some recent converts and Jose was baptized! His baptism was so powerful and his wife bore her testimony of how excited she is to have her whole family become members. He received the priesthood the next day and will be able to baptize his son in a couple months when he turns 8. 

This next week we will have MLC and I’ll have some exchanges. It should be another busy and fun week! Love you all! 

Monday, January 22, 2018

week 83

Hola a todos! So I have been transferred to the jersey village ward which is right below the ward I was just in a little closer to Houston. This area is full of Hispanics so it’s really fun to speak a lot of Spanish. The members are super stoked about the work and big things are happening here. My companion is Elder Winkelman. He started his mission about 4 months ago and is actually called to Puerto Rico but the hurricane destroyed the country so he got reassigned while in the Dominican Republic at the MTC to our mission while Puerto Rico recovers. He is from Kaysville UT and he’s super cool and we are having a ton of fun together. 

When I came into the area they had just had 4 baptisms and 9 people at church so I came in with a lot to take on haha. It’s super fun though and I wouldn’t want it any other way. We have a baptism this Saturday with a guy named Jose who is the husband of a recent convert that is deciding to be baptized. I’m super stoked for him! 

We had some crazy weather this week and weren’t able to leave all day Tuesday because of an ice storm. It’s been superrrr cold too like 35 degrees. But that day was my first one in the area so we were able to set up  a vision and goals and talk about the area a little bit. We also had a meeting with the stake president and the mission president to talk about the progress of the stake. It’s the only Spanish Stake in the whole US which is pretty cool to work with. Things are going good and we’ve got some awesome goals set up as a stake this year. 

We are working with a family that was found the week before I got here. Their names are Julio and Rosa. They are super prepared. They came to church last week and we are definitely setting dates with them and getting them baptized ASAP! We are working with a couple part member families that need to get married to get baptized but it definitely should be possible soon. We have a goal of 4 baptisms this transfer and it’s lookin very possible at this point. 

One thing I’ve really been trying to work on lately is being more bold. I want to finish my mission with the most success possible and I don’t want to work with people who aren’t going to progress. The lord wants us to find his prepared people and as we are bold and sift through people to those that really want to change than we will see more success. Thank you guys for all you do for me. I hope y’all have a great week!

- Elder Cammack -