Monday, July 3, 2017

week 55 Argentina Takeover πŸ‡¦πŸ‡·

Hello everyone!

This week honestly felt super long haha but we worked hard otherwise!! The more rejection we receive, the bigger the miracle we are going to see!! 

So on Tuesday we had Mission Leadership Council! It was super good and President Mortensens last one. It was sad to see him leave but he did amazing work here and impacted my life in many different ways. We extended a baptismal date later that day to our investigator Milagro. She's the grandmother of a less active family! It went super good and she accepted to be baptized on July 22nd! But we found out later that week that her and her family are going to be put of town for two weeks until the 29th of July. So we are most likely going to push back her date to the first week of August! It seems super far away but as long as she keeps reading the Book of Mormon and we can keep in contact with her then it will work out! We also went to a less actives house. They are from Argentina so we got to know them and drank some mate. They are super cool! We are excited to get them to church! 

Wednesday we had new leadership training and it was the last meeting that President Mortensen ever had to do as a mission president. It was super good and I learned a ton about how to be a great leader not only in this mission but in life. Later that day we had splits with some English missionaries for a pass off lesson. I went with Elder Tweedie who is from... Idaho Falls! He went to hillcrest and is such a stud. We just talked about how sick Idaho is the whole time haha. We have a bunch of mutual friends so it was super fun. There are so many missionaries from Idaho in my mission. We all joke that Houston is just an Idaho reunion for all the missionaries haha. We taught a lesson to a guy that was recently divorced. He is 38 and has 3 kids. It's a super rough divorce and we brought another guy from the ward that is in a similar situation but has stayed active in the church. They hit it off and are hanging out now so hopefully they will start to help each other out! 

Thursday we drove up to Conroe for a baptismal interview and also got a referral form an English member. They are an inactive member family that lives in Utah but came here for the summer to sell directv. They originally are from Argentina though! So we met them, drank some mate and set up a return appointment to eat some Γ±oquis with them!! I love Argentina so much haha. This ward has like 4 families form Argentina and they are all so sick!! I get an automatic in with them cause I can just say my step mom is from there and that boca is my favorite soccer team so shoutout to Lina for being born in Argentina! πŸ‡¦πŸ‡· 

Friday we had district meeting and did some weekly planning but that was about it other then some tracting. Also our new mission president and his wife arrived! Welcome to the best mission ever President and Sister Peterson!! We have a zone conference on Thursday and that is when I will be able to meet them for the first time!! 

Saturday we did some family history and I've got to say I've become quite the pro at finding new names for the temple!! Other than that we just went tracting and tried to follow up on some potentials 

Sunday after church we ate with another family from Argentina and drank some more mate. Then just tracted the rest of the day. It was a super good Sunday!! 

I'm so thankful for the hard times on my mission. I know that through these times is when I can prove to the lord that I will not give up and that he can trust me as one of his faithful servants. I know that through these times is when I grow the most and learn the most!! Thanks for the emails and support this week. I will talk to y'all l8ter! 


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