Monday, July 31, 2017

week 59 14 months this week

Hey family!! This week was super eventful! 

We were able to get our recent convert Milagro to the temple! She went to a members house during the week and found 4 names to take! They were her brothers and her parents. It was such an amazing experience to see her be able to do the temple work for her family. The spirit was super strong. I was able to confirm her for her mom after. Every time I go to the temple my testimony grows of the importance of the work we do inside them. 

We randomly had to drive up to college station on Saturday to do a baptismal interview since nobody closer could do it so we drove up there for like the whole day haha. It was cool to go up there and see Texas A&M! I'll send some pics of that. 

We got a referral from some English sisters on Tuesday. We set up a return appointment for Sunday. So on Sunday we went by and taught him the restoration. He's been to a Mormon church before and he is super open to be baptized when he learns more! We are super excited to keep working with him. 

We are still working with the Llorente family's kids. They really want to be baptized but haven't been able to come to church cause the parents work on Sundays. Their baptismal date is still in September as well so they can wait for their grandparents to come from Ecuador. We are excited to keep working with them and get them baptized. 

We eat dinner at our ward mission leaders house every Sunday and yesterday we had tacos. I found out that the record for tacos eaten at their house was 13 so I attempted to beat the record. I barely got it down and I was sick for the whole day but I ended up eating 14 tacos lol. I love that family though and I'll send some pics of that. 

- Elder Cammack -

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