Monday, June 26, 2017

week 54

Hey everybody!! 

First off, I have been transferred to the Woodlands 3rd ward! The Woodlands is a super cool area. In order to build Houston they have cut down a ton of forest areas but they wanted to preserve the trees in the woodlands (hence the name woodlands) so they have left as many trees as possible here. It is like you are driving in a forest/jungle all the time. It's super pretty I love it. It is a pretty wealthy area and a lot of the Houston Rockets/movie stars houses are here. Beyonces house is like right down the road from the church haha. I was also called to be a zone leader here! It has been a humbling experience so far and I'm loving it so much. My new companion is Elder Wells! He is from Alpine, UT and is super cool. He is a super good, hard working missionary so we have been getting a lot done this week! 

So we started out this week with 0 investigators and it wasn't looking to good. We decided to go through some old investigators and some less actives to see what we could find there. We weren't seeing many fruits from it during the week. Then on Friday we had 3 or 4 that we were planning on stopping by. We knocked the first one and they didn't want to listen to us so we started knocking doors around their house. We knocked the first one and it was the same story. And then the same with the third. The fourth one we knocked on, a guy quickly opened the door as soon as we knocked. He had a huge smile on his face almost like he was expecting us haha. It kinda caught me by surprise. We started talking and it turns out he and his mom had just recently moved here from Brazil. They didn't speak very good English but it was so sick because we talked with them in Spanish and they would respond in Portuguese. Haha they understood our Spanish a lot better than we understood their Portuguese so they responded in their broken English sometimes. It was super cool. But anyways they said they had talked with mormons before and had been to the temple in San Diego. They took a giant road trip across the United States to find out where they should move to and start a business. After driving through the whole USA they decided they are going to move to Utah because they felt the same type of "energy" there that they felt when they went to the temple in San Diego. We taught them the restoration and it all just clicked for them. They weren't able to come to church but are planning on coming next week. We were so excited! 

Later on that week, we went by a less active family. They came to church last week so we went by to get them there this week. We found out that the grandma is not a member and wants to hear our message. She came to church and we are planning on setting a baptismal date with her this week. We also found a new family from
Venezuela and they are super interested in the Book of Mormon and we are excited to continue working with them!! 

This gospel is so true. The lord truly guides his servants. I've seen it over and over again on my mission and I continued to see it this past week. If anybody has thought of going on a mission but can't decide what to do or doesn't feel prepared to go, just go. The lord will help you out along the way and it'll change your life for eternity. I'm am forever grateful this time I have to serve my savior Jesus Christ.

This week we have Mission Leadership Council on Tuesday and Wednesday we have new leadership training. Friday our new mission president arrives so I'm excited to meet him!! 

Shoutout to Abby for hitting the big 17 yesterday! Happy birthday!!! 

Shoutout #2 to Dakota as he will be tying the knot this Friday!! I will be there in spirit. 

Have a good week everyone! 

Elder Cammack 🌶

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