Saturday, June 17, 2017

Week 52: First week of year two

Hey everybody!! It's been an awesome eventful week here in Houston! I found out On Monday I would be moving areas again back to my baby area in H5 in a trio! I love this area so much. I honestly haven't spoken English this whole week besides to my companions haha. It's a little Mexico. My new companions are Elder Christensen and Elder Norton. They are both super cool and it's been a fun week with them. Elder Norton goes home next Monday so we only have one more week in our trio :(. 

We have 3 investigators on date here in our area. Two will be baptized this weekend and the other in July. The one in July is with a girl named Elizabeth. We set her date with her on Friday and it went super well. She is excited to be baptized but we just have to resolve a few concerns that she has. But we can do it!

Weird story from this week, so we went to mcdonalds for lunch and this old guy, who was a member, came up to us and just started talking about how he hates his ward and just a bunch of other random stuff. He was saying that since I'm from Idaho I don't know anything except how to be a country boy haha and all this other random stuff. I'm just making memories out here in the ghetto. 

It's definitely been a week of learning experiences. I've realized that Satan tries to work on us little by little. Most of the time, we commit little sins over and over and before we know it, we have dug ourselves into a deep hole. Satan is powerful and he will do all that he can to trick us into doing what's wrong. We must pay attention to the promptings of the spirit that we receive to stay away and resist these temptations. Another important concept is that we must act on these promptings that we receive. If we don't act, the spirit will stop giving us these promptings and we will be less sensitive to the spirit. God loves us and he wants to trust us. But we must put in our part so that we can be trusted. I'm so thankful for this time that I have as a missionary to learn and grow. There is nowhere else that I would rather be. I love my savior Jesus Christ and I'm thankful for him. Until next week everyone! 


Elder Cammack 🌶

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