Monday, April 24, 2017

week 45: April 24

Hey family!! 

Honestly this week was sooo perfect! My heart is just full because of the miracles we have seen and for this opportunity I have to serve my savior Jesus Christ each day. I LOVE THIS MISSION. 

We received a referral from the English elders earlier this week for a family of 3. Their daughter is having problems with drugs and stuff and they want some extra help from god. We went by with the English elders and a member from their ward that speaks Spanish to meet them. We sat and talked about about the problems they are having and how god is there for them. We testified to them about the power of gods love for us, how he has a plan for each one of his children and how if we follow the example of his son Jesus Christ we can not fail. We introduced the Book of Mormon to them and how this book will save their family. They were super excited to read it. I'm excited to meet with them again this week! 

We had a lesson with our other investigator Gino this week. He is 18 and is a great kid. After we taught him the restoration, we talked about the Book of Mormon and how it is a story of the people from the americas. He loved that concept. We invited him to read the first 15 chapters. When we invited him he looked at us and said, "15 capítulos? Eso es nada! Voy a leer todo el libro!" That night he read the first 5 chapters and loved it. We are working on getting him to church this next week. 

We had a fireside yesterday where investigators can come as well as recent converts and members! It was super cool to hear the new members testimonies and how the gospel has changed their lives. It really helped me to see the fruits of our labors! 

So crazy story!! As I was sitting on the stand at the fireside, I looked up and saw Bryan Romrell walk in the chapel!! I was sooooo stoked. Haha it was so good to see a familiar face. He is here for the summer so hopefully I'll get to see him again. He posted the picture of us on his instagram so hopefully I can get that from him soon. 

There's nothing else I'd rather be doing at this point in my life. The church is true. The Book of Mormon is true. Through this gospel we can have eternal peace. Thank you for the emails this week everyone :) 

Elder Cammack 🌶

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