Monday, April 3, 2017

week 42 Soy un Texican

Another crazy week here in south Texas! 

Tuesday we had transfers and my companion left to his new area. The other elder in my district Elder Williams is training but his trainee didn't come in til Thursday so we were in a trio all day Tuesday! Because there wasn't another other elder coming back to my area from transfer meeting, there was not enough elders to bring our car back to the area. Sooo when all the elders got back from the mission office, we had to have another companionship take my  new companion, Elder Williams and me to the temple to pick up the keys to the car from the APs then to the mission office to pick up our car. That took up pretty much the whole day because of traffic coming out of Houston but it did make for some cool pics of downtown! Haha 

Then on Wednesday we were still in a trio. We had correlation with our ward mission leader, then had an appointment with some members in Elder Williams area. It is so different but divertido doing missionary work in a trio and covering 5 different areas ( the 3 new areas my companion and I picked up and Elder Williams area). Then we had to take Elder Williams to training meeting to pick up his new trainee! We drove all the way to the mission home! It was weird to be there because I haven't been there since the first day I got to Houston! Then we went back to a different area with some English elders in Cypress while waiting for the elders at training meeting for the rest of the night. We then met Elder Williams and his new trainee when they finished training meeting and then drove back to their area, dropped them off, then drove back to ours. We didn't get back home until like 11:30 (that's late in missionary time) haha but it was a super fun adventure! 

We have been working with some of the new less actives and investigators from the areas that we picked up. We haven't had too much success with them but no effort is wasted right? 

Friday we had district meeting which was superrr sweet! We have a new hermana in our district from Mexico that doesn't speak English so I had to do district meeting in Spanish. It was sooo fun. The new hermana is named Hermana Fernández. She was telling me that when she first came on the mission, her and her companion were buying food at Walmart and she didn't buy anything. Her companion asked why she wasn't going to buy anything and she said because everything is so expensive here! She said 3 dollars to buy cereal here would buy a whole store where she's from in Mexico haha. A lot of times I take things for granted because I grew up here in the United States but talking to people from Mexico and Central America everyday has opened my eyes at the situations that people grow up in. It has been so humbling to see and I want so bad to just help everyone that I can! We also found 4 new investigators that day too!!

Saturday before conference we got a call from President Mortensen informing us that we will not have to cover a whole zone anymore haha. He sent another set of English elders here in Katy so now instead of having 4 areas, we have two. One is called the Cinco West ward ( English) and the other is the Spanish ward we have always had called Westgreen! 

I loved every minute of conference. Conference on the mission is so much more powerful than conference back home. I felt the spirit so strong as the prophet and apostles talked. As they talked I could just feel their devine power and I could feel that they are called of god. One of my favorite talks was from Elder Rasband on Saturday about repentance. It really opened my eyes and gave me a new perspective of repentance. 

Sunday we had to go sealy for a baptismal interview for someone that I used to teach! He wasn't interested when I was there but he has had a change of heart from reading the Book of Mormon and is super ready to be baptized. :) I was able to see the Garza family that I baptized in Sealy for a little bit as well! 

My new companion is Elder Stulce from Palmyra, Utah. Him and I are seriously like the same person haha. I love him to death. Back home he drove a dually ford and had a giant beard haha. He is super redneck which makes me love him even more. He just says things how they are and doesn't beat around bush I stinkin love it. He came in the mission when I had just finished training so he has about 7 months in the mission now. 

Sorry this email is so long haha I thought I'd put some detail into this one since my emailing has been pretty bad lately. Thanks for the emails this week. It's super good to hear from all of you and keep sending them because I love hearing about what's going on with each one of you. I love this work and I love being a representative of Jesus Christ. Hope everything is good with y'all. It's kinda weird when I speak sometimes because I get Texas language and Spanish language running in my head at the same time so sometimes they both just come out so sorry about that haha. Anyways, thanks for all that you do for me have a great week :) 

Elder Cammack 🌶

Road signs in Texas lol 

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