Monday, August 1, 2016

week 7 Connor Cammack

One of the coolest miracles happened this week. One thing our mission just started doing was praying in front of a map on where heavenly father needs us to go. Elder Jones and I were at our apartment on Monday after P-day and we were praying and looking at the map, then we prayed again and looked again, again and again. Finally I said to him, "on the count of 3, point to the street you're thinking of." And on the count of 3 we both pointed to the same spot. (Jaycrest and Woodmoss St.) We looked at each other and immediately left and flew over to those streets and started looking. We were led to a door in this tiny little locked up trailer community, where the gate is always locked up but for some reason it was open this time. The very last door we knocked and a lady came right out and said, "you're looking for my husband, aren't you?" And we looked at each other and just said, "...uhh yeah!" And she said, he'll be back tomorrow, and also my sister wants to be baptized so maybe you can teach all of us. 
So it turned out that the couple, Hector and Reina, was baptized by our zone leader, Elder Pesci a little over a year ago. They hadn't been able to come to church because of work and family adjustments. But they were so excited to have us come over and teach their family again. We were also able to include their sister and her family who aren't members. Reina's sister's name is Sarah and all she desires is to find God's true church. (Just like Joseph Smith) She explained that she considered it quite a miracle that we had come at that time because she had been praying for an answer. And when we shared the story of how we found them, she recognized that is was a miracle from Heavenly Father. We were able to set my first baptismal goal with her for the 27th of August. We will also be able to see her every Monday and Thursday with a member.  

We also saw a ton of miracles this weekend at church! We had 6 investigators there! Martin Ruiz and his wife and grandson came, Kevin and Gonzalo were there and a student from our English class was there! The student from our English class stayed after class on Thursday and asked us where our church was because she is about to have a baby and she wants a church to go to with her husband and her baby. So she and her husband came and hopefully we can teach her and help her learn more and be baptized! 
Those are most of the exciting stories/investigators for this week. Elder Jones and I also spoke in church yesterday with the sister missionaries! I struggled with some words haha but I made it through. Elder Jones is helping me so much with the language and how to be a master teacher. He is the best companion ever and is such an example to me.

I love the Lord, I love Spanish, I love the Book of Mormon, I love you guys, I love the mission, I love teaching the gospel, and I love serving the Hispanic people of Houston, Texas! 

Alma 32:16
Elder Cammack

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