Tuesday, August 9, 2016

week 8 Fuego

The Texas heat got to me a couple times this week haha. It was about 105 everyday this week with 90% humidity. I'm weirdly kinda getting used to it though. Its hot just all the time and you never get away from it. but anyways, we have a family that is so ready for baptism. They go to church every week and love it. Their 9 year old son has a part in the primary program but they aren't even members yet haha. The only thing holding them back is the parents are not married. They don't want to get married because the mom is illegal from El Salvador and is too scared to put her name on records so she doesn't get taken back to her country. We will keep praying that they can follow through. Elder Jones has been helping me a ton with Spanish. He obsessed with the language and knows like all the countries Spanish. I'm trying to learn all i can from him. I'm starting to really love Spanish. I'm learning more and more each day. I never realized how hard English is until i started learning Spanish. The Book of Mormon is also so much more simple in Spanish. I love it. I have my first zone conference tomorrow. We all have to prepare talks and they randomly choose. My area is the poorest area in my mission. Its crazy what conditions people live in. The people are so humble and I'm so glad I can be here to give them the happiest thing they will ever receive in their life and that is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you for all your support and I will talk to yall next week! My address is 7001 Northline drive Apt 204 Houston, TX 77076. Send letters here but send packages to the mission office. Peace 

Elder Cammack

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