Wednesday, July 13, 2016

week 6 Last Real P-Day in Mexico!

SO my experience here in the CCM (MTC in english) has been way good. I have grown so much closer to my heavenly Father. My testimony has grown so much and I have loved every second of it. Im so ready to leave and it has been hard but it has been so worth it. We had a 5.6 earthquake here a couple weeks ago that i forgot to talk about haha. It was a different city so we didnt feel it that much. THe sirens went off and we had to all go stand in these circles in the roads. THey are there just for earthquakes. so that was cool. Also we hear gun shots about every night haha its pretty crazy but it makes things a little more exciting. Im ready to get back to the states haha. I heard Texas has been 100 with 90% humidity every day this week so that should be a "warm" welcome for me. haha but itll be good and im so excited. I love this gospel. I know jesus christ died for every one of us so we could return back to live with him again. I cant wait to share that message with many. Even though i cant really speak spanish haha. Im so thankful for all of you and your examples. This gospel is the only way for true happiness. I have a short p day tuesday next week before i fly out so i wll email then! also my camera isnt letting me send pics so im trying to figure that out too.

Elder Cammack

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