Wednesday, June 29, 2016

week 4 Just another week in paradise

So this last week I got pretty sick. There is a bunch of stuff going around and people are getting strep throat and bad fevers and a whole bunch of stuff. I pretty much got it all and was sick for a couple days. Im now recovering and feeling better. I cant believe monday is the fourth of july! i lose track of time out here. I kinda got the worst part of it because i missed cinco de mayo in mexico and then missed the fourth of july in the US. haha. Happy birthday to Abby last week. I hope it was a good obne and I believe your 16! Everything is good though and Im learning so much. A hermana in my district left my district because she is so ahead in spanish. She went to a latino district haha. I cant even understand half the things my teachers say still. but I will get there. We had a devotional yesterday from the international mtc director. His job is to travel around the world to mtcs and check up on them. Pretty sweet job if you ask me. His talk was inspiring for me though. He talked about how if we forget ourselves and serve others and the lord with all we can, we will be changed into what god needs us to be. He showed pictures and stories of missionaries from before and after their missions. The change in their faces is crazy. They have such a light in their eyes. It inspired me to forget every worry and doubt i have and focus on others. I know i will be blessed and I can change lives. A quote that i heard the other day was "Give me thy heart and I will give you my power and together we will change the world." I loved it so much that i wrote it on the front of my journal. Anyways, everythings good. Trust in the lord and everything works out. Love you all

Elder Cammack

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