Friday, July 8, 2016

week 5 ¿Que pasa fam?

This week was super good. The MTC gets repetitive haha and I am ready to leave but I love it and I am learning alot. My testimony has grown so much and spanish is coming along as well. Im getting more comfortable with the language each day. 

So Yesterday we had a huge rain storm and the streets were flooded and Ive never seen anything like it. The thunder was shaking the windows and I thought they were going to shatter haha. It was crazy. I imagine that is how itll be in texas so I better get used to it. 

A kid got clothes lined by a volleyball in gym time the other day so that was pretty funny haha. Today is a much needed p day since we had to wait to friday

Everything is the same everyday so idk what else to say lol. Everything is good and Im growing and trying my best to become what heavenly father needs me to be. thanks for all the prayers and support love you all.

Elder Cammack

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