Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Week 2

Hola everyone. Everything is going so good here and I love it so much. My companion is Elder Bench. HE lived in Alpine, UTah til his freshman year in high school and then moved to Texas. He has been telling me about where I will be serving. He is so cool and I love him so much. We are learning so much and working really hard. I am the worst at spanish in my district haha but I know so much more than i did a week ago. I can pray and share my testimony in spanish. The second day we were here we had to teach investigator in spanish. Neither of us knew any spanish so about 15 min of the 20 min lesson was us trying to find words to say haha. We are doing so good though and I love the MTC here. Its all surrounded by mountains and about halfway up every mountain are just rows of like tiny favela houses. So many people live here. YOu hear cars honking and people shouting allllll the time. We are prison fenced in and securtiy guards guard the entrance haha. We are safe inside the walls though. The second day i accidentally walked into the girls bathroom haha. Elder Bench hasnt let that one go yet. We have so much fun. Every night at about 8 (elder bench and I have Calculated it) Dogs start barking uncontrollably haha. Like i have never heard anything like it before. It sounds like about 50 dogs barking back and forth. Muy Loco. We are going to the temple a little later today so I will send you those pics next week. I love my mission already and there is no other place I would rather be. I am growing so much. Hope everyone is doing good and I will talk to you all next Wednesday. Trust in the lord and everything works out. 


Elder Cammack 

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